Algarve Grills

Eating charcoal grilled food is a way of life along the Algarve coast, from a delicious sardine to a tasty lobster, or from a tender steak to a typical sausage, the taste of grilled food is unique and an experience not to be missed.

In every resort along the Algarve, from Vila Real Santo Antonio to Albufeira or western Cape St Vincent, you will have no trouble finding a typical restaurant equipped with a charcoal grill.  The aroma in the air of fish or meat on the grill will activate your taste buds and you will not be disappointed!!

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  • Wildfire Smokehouse and Grill

  • Address: Vila Sol Resort, Vilamoura, 8125
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Caniço is one of those places you have got to see to believe. The setting is breath-taking, the views amazing and just getting there is an adventure. It is actually built within the cliffs and...

Vagabondo Restaurant

Vagabondo is one of Alvors most popular restaurants - and justifiably so. It is almost an obligatory stop during your stay in the area. The setting is lovely, the ambience relaxed, the food superb....

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Those that appreciate good seafood love the Algarve and they adore Àbabuja Restaurant in Alvor. Located just metres from the seafront you can enjoy some delicious traditional Algarve cuisine....

Sr. Frango

Sr. Frango claims to have the best chicken ever. A recipe that was ‘given by the gods,’ I’m not sure about that but wherever it came from I have to admit it is rather good. To give you some idea...